In a world that sometimes seems to be falling apart, is it even imaginable that people wielding shotguns would be part of a peaceful solution?  Can anyone possibly claim that they have used their guns to not only become more successful, but also happier, healthier and wiser?  Are there really enlightened gunslingers who have learned enough about their own inner states to truthfully say they have cracked the code to ultimate zone performance, using their "yee haw philosophy" to help others become better at sports, business, art parenting and just about any endeavor imaginable?

In Traveling the Inner State, the latest offering from world-class performance coaches and shotgunning instructors Gil and Vicki Ash, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding "yes!"  Here, assisted by 17 of their students and fellow instructors, Gil and Vicki lay out the latest details of their mental performance system: an effective, insightful and constantly humorous approach to "owning the zone" for performers in all realms.  Laced with real world examples and anecdotes from doctors, lawyers, engineers and other business professionals, Inner State offers the "Most Important Exercise in the Universe" and nine HITs (high impact techniques) that anyone can employ to improve their performances and transform their lives for the better.  

This unique and adventurous book even issues a Congruent Town Challenge, a nationwide mental performance contest and experiment to see what will happen when the Optimum Shotgun Performance Inner State system is embraced and employed not just by a sports team and its coaches, but by the team's entire fan base as well.

Whether you're a gun owner excited to join the ranks of other proud shooters who are changing the world for the better, or someone who has never thought of touching a gun, you're invited to crack the cover and begin an empowering journey through this sporting guide to the secrets of peak performance and happiness.

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