A Message From Gil and Vicki

We like to talk.  It's true.  When it comes to sporting clays, the OSP Shooting School method definitely involves a lot of discourse, and we believe that this prolific communication has played a big role in the success of our students. 

The idea was to take the helpful clubhouse banter that was so common out at the shooting range, organize it into a more coherent format, and bring it directly to those who were interested in enhancing their shooting by learning more.  We had learned so much from our students and fellow instructors, and we wanted to share the knowledge with a wider audience. The result was the Coaching Hour series, which began in November 2001. 

Over the course of eleven years with the Coaching Hour, we have covered thousands of topics, hosted hundreds of shooters and coaches, and had too many laughs to count.  Whatever the reason, we soon realized that, with over 575 hours of conversation, available in the form of Coaching Hour CDs, it might be a good idea to put the information in writing and give it even more structure by indexing it, adding subtitles and filtering out anything that wasn't education or funny.  We didn't have to cut much, but we're very pleased with the end result, the Coaching Hour Chronicles.  We think you will be too, and we think this book will be another very hand reference tool for your toolkit. 

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