What Gil and Vicki Have to say about this DVD:

“We see shooters getting into sporting clays and they become addicted to it immediately because of the variety of targets, trajectories, and presentations. Because of the variables in our game it is most important where you break the first target in the pair. If the first target is broken in the correct break point it sets you up so the second target can be easily seen and broken. This is where consistency begins. Sporting clays is a game of break points and knowing how to select the correct break points can make the game easier and more enjoyable. This DVD is about understanding how to develop a strategy for breaking pairs more consistently by choosing the correct break points on both targets.”

Highlights include:

How to view targets.
How to create a strategy to break pairs.
Which target to break first and why.
How to control risk through efficiency in gun movement.
How not to hurry.
Picking correct break points and why.
The secret of eye movement when shooting pairs.
Avoiding the blind spot.
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