OSP Clays Car Shooting Bag

For the last 3-4 years we have been looking for a bag that will carry our shooting essentials, everything but ammo to go on a clays car. We have tried them all and either they are made of cheep material and have way too many pockets inside and out and worse when you open it the opening is so small you can only see what is on top. So we took our problem to George Stein of Nightrain luggage and after the third prototype we think we have the perfect bag to toss on the clays car and go shoot a round. It is made of Cordura and nylon stitched so it is rugged and will last forever and it comes with a two way zipper so when you open it you can see everything in it. Preliminary reactions indicate we have hit the nail on the head as far as size and shape and we have luggage George made us 35 years ago and we are still using it so we guarantee it will last and you will be pleased with its function. This is gonna be the last bag you will ever have to buy, we guarantee it!!

12" Wide x 8" Deep x 7" Tall

$ 39.95 X